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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice


sonic reflections

supermoon ~ respite

Letting Go

She Was ~ video



She Was…

She was

A shining star

Illuminating All that you are

She knew

Without doubt

Because of everything

She saw

The truth you hid


You’re eyes

When you lied

And she cried


That bled right

From her heart

She was

Of the People 9/2018




Starry ~ musical composition of sound, space and a starry night





to forgive and forget

a sonic journey through the fog of memories


ursa minor ~ reflections of light and memorial

Not a day goes by without you,

you are in our thoughts,

you are in our hearts…


You were an anchor and it feels as if we are set adrift,

like a boat without an anchor.

Yet you placed an anchor

in us kids a long time ago.

Now, we have the ability to anchor ourselves

during the turbulent tides and seasons of our lives.

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